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An original acrylic painting on panel. This piece is a deep, dramatic red with hot oranges and yellows as we stand behind a trio of figures watching a nearby fire consume their landscape.


This work is supported by strainers and is equipped with D-rings and is ready to hang directly on the wall without a frame. It will be shipped in a sturdy box, with a protective layer of archival tissue to protect the surface.


Acrylic paintings on panel are fairly durable, but as with all art it is best to handle with clean hands from the edges only as the oils of your hands can cause damage long term. Avoid hanging in direct sunlight to prevent color loss. To clean, simply dust with a soft, dry cloth. Do not wet with water or use any chemicals as these can cause damage.


"The Devouring," 2016. 12x15", acrylic on panel. © Ecka Blaire Faulds

Original Artwork - The Devouring

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